TexPlex Riding Tracks and Trails

Texplex Park Innovative  customer focused rugged UTV off-road driv’n, dirty mud 4×4, motocross fly’n experiences, racing and experiential facility Tracks

TexPlex Tracks

Hours of Operation:

 Monday through Thursday:  7 am-Noon

Friday through Sunday: 7 am – 8:30 Pm 

For After hour riding and rentals by appointment (Groups only)

UTV Short-Course

UTV Short-Course- Maintained every week! Full doors, helmet, fire extinguisher required.

UTV Long-Course

UTV/ ATV/ Big Bike MC Long-Course 

Must be able to maintain a minimum of 25 mph 


Designed by professional Redbull UTV drivers for professional UTV drivers! This course is like nothing you have ever seen before. Helmet, full doors, and fire extinguisher required. 

Motocross Advanced MX

Motocross Advanced MX track prepped every week (weather and event permitting)

Motocross Vet MX

Motocross Vet MX track prepped every week (weather and event permitting)

Motocross Kids MX

Motocross Kids MX prepped every week (weather and event permitting)

Pit Bike/ mini bike Track

Pit Bike and mini bike track prepped every week (weather and event permitting)

intermediate (hybrid) trails

Twists, turns, drops and jumps. Maintained once a month this trail is a great way to test your skills!

Ultimate Jeep Track

Ultimate Jeep Track

R/C Track

R/C Track

Go-Cart Track

Go-Cart Track

Riding Info

TexPlex Riding Information

Entry Fees:

Visit Riding Pages for Fee Info or Get Season/Monthly Pass
Dry Camping: $25 per vehicle
Camping W/Power: $50 per vehicle

Safety Requirements:

All Minors (Under 18) Must be Accompanied by An Adult
Waivers Required by all property visitors

TexPlex Race Series


881 Miller Road Midlothian, TX 76065




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We are currently moving operations to Branson\ Hollister, Missouri!
We have 1500 acres of steep inclines, intense downhills, rock creek beds and Missouri wilderness! Our new main trail is a 3 hour trip and that does not include the extra loops or any off road rock climbing. There are new and awesome adventures at our new location just 6 miles south of Hollister, MO! Remember, with every closed door another opens, come join the excitement at Missouri’s newest off road park! It’s like nothing you’ve seen before! We will be opening Fox Creek off-road park By Tex plex on January 1st 2023.