Online Forms

Speed up processing at the park by filling forms online.

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TexPlex Waiver Form
This form is required to use our facilities and tracks.

You can sign this form at the shop or you can sign it here online. Click button to open form or scan QR codes at the bottom of the page.

TexPlex Waiver Form
*You need to sign this form to use our facilities and tracks.

UTV Race Series Registration-“Fast Pass”

Speed up processing on race day by filling forms and purchasing entry fee online.

Lines can be long on race day so we suggest filling out required forms online and purchasing race entry fees and transponder if you don’t have one (transponder is required to enter the race). We call it “Fast Pass” as you will get through the gate a lot faster.

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Buy UTV Race Series Entry Fee/Transponder Online
*Purchase your entry fee and fill forms online, If you don't have Transponder (required for the race) you can get one on the same page.
Avoid long lines on race day! Click Quick links to buy specific class or button bellow to purchase online.

170cc class Amateur class & Pro class

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UTV Race Registration Form
*Required for racing. You need to fill out the form to register to race. Includes Waiver form.
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UTV Race Transponder Form
*Transponder is required for racing, you need to fill this form if you are renting transponder.

Forms QR codes

Scan QR codes below on your phone or any device to open forms.

TexPlex Park Waiver form
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UTV Race Series Registration

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UTV Race Transponder form
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